Eventide - Statement Of Purpose

The Manager of Eventide Residential Home Limited is Debbie Gardiner, who has had a long experience of care work.

The Manager works with a close-knit team comprising a Deputy Manager, 2 Senior Carers, Care Assistants, Cooks and various others.

The Manager, Deputy Manager, Senior Carers and Care Assistants have a wide range of experience with qualifications ranging from NVQ2 & 3 in the care of the elderly.

The staff participate in recognised training programmes, and all are actively encouraged to use the continuing professional development that we provide to obtain additional formal qualifications.

Eventide is owned by a registered Charity. It is administered by Officers and a Committee Of Trustees, all of whom are volunteers. The Company Secretary is Mrs. Sandra Jones, 28 Trevella Rd, Bude, EX23 8NA. Tel no: 01288 354599.

The object of the Charity is to promote the care and relief of the elderly in particular through the provision of a residential care home. The Home provides care for both sexes. Admission to the Home depends on the "Accepted Criteria" being met, and the ability of the prospective client to be able to live "comfortably" with those already in residence.

Eventide can also offer care for clients under the age of sixty five providing they have had a full assessment by the manager and the outside agencies i.e. Social Services and the medical profession to ensure we are able to meet the client’s needs and requirements. This enables the client to lead a good quality of life in a safe environment. Only if a resident should develop a condition that causes them to become a danger to the health and safety of other residents or staff, or disruptive and upsetting to other residents, would we recommend that they transfer to care better suited to their needs.

The primary objective here at Eventide is to provide a secure and comfortable "home-from-home" for our residents, who feel that a little help in their day- to-day enjoyment of life does not in any way affect their independence. This we feel encourages our residents to retain their belief in their individuality, and to make decisions regarding their lifestyle within a relaxed environment.

Residents have the right to self-determination and the management of their own affairs, unless a Medical Practitioner, or an order under the Court of Protection, states that a resident is legally unable to do so. Care is given to their surroundings to create an atmosphere of comfort and homeliness.

Residents will be offered a choice from the full and varied menus. Special diets are catered for.

Eventide will be the home of the resident which undertakes to enlist the support of the National Health Service as necessary to enable a resident to remain in the Home in the event of illness, unless the resident's Doctor recommends alternative arrangements. Short-term nursing care is provided with the support of the Community Nurses and relevant medical bodies. The Home does not provide long-term nursing care. Residents have the right to choose (on their own, or with the help of a relative) to receive care, including palliative care, at Eventide, subject to the ability of the Home to provide the necessary level of care that they require and deserve. Only with a doctor's recommendation would a resident be transferred to hospital, or a nursing home, in their own interest.

Eventide has established a distinctive criteria for 'the admission of residents to the Home (including those in times of emergencies) in line with the accepted policies and procedures for the standard of care to be provided. The needs of all residents are assessed by the Manager and Assistant Managers and a written care plan produced for each resident with their approval, and that of their family. This care plan is regularly reviewed and updated.

A varied programme of entertainment and social activities is provided within the Home, and the community. Voluntary organisations such as Rotary, Lions International and local church groups, organise events for the elderly and provide transport to and from those events.

Monthly "Home Visits" are carried out by Trustees of the Charity when residents are given the opportunity to express their views on the running of the Home. Members of the Charity visit the Home on other occasions for a variety of purposes. Residents can speak to the members of the Committee at any time.

Fire precautions and associated emergency procedures are carried out in consultation with the statutory authorities. A copy of the fire procedure is attached. There are also very regular Health and Safety checks carried out and we have our own resident maintenance man, who ensures that the guests accommodation is kept  up to the standard they would expect in their own home. 

Ministers  from various religions regularly visit the Home. There is also a wide range of churches and religious groups in the community to suit the choice of the individual residents. Residents are encouraged to follow their cultural, religious and political beliefs, including voting at National and Local Elections.

Eventide has an "Open Door" policy for visits by family and friends at any time during the normal social hours of a day. They are given a warmth of hospitality typical of our caring staff. It is, however, the resident's choice to decide whom they will see.  Residents may have their own telephone in their room but are responsible for their own bills.

Arrangements for dealing with complaints are displayed for all to see on the Notice Board. The telephone number for the Care Quality Commission is 03000 616161.

As previously stated, residents’ needs are assessed by the Manager and Assistant Managers, and a written care plan is produced for each resident with their approval, and that of their family. This care plan is regularly updated.

The Home has a range of accommodation, including bedrooms of varying sizes, spread over three floors. There is a lift to each floor. Some rooms on the first and second floors are reached via three existing steps; therefore, a reasonable degree of mobility is needed here. Some of the bedrooms have en-suite facilities, whilst there are two bathrooms and one shower room, all with specialist equipment such as bath-lifts, grab rails and safety aids. There are five communal toilets, a sun lounge, lounge and dining room. A call-system is provided in every room.

A chiropodist also visits the Home on a regular basis. However the more mobile residents can, if they so wish, visit hairdressers and chiropodists of their choice in the town. We can also offer a Domiciliary Optician who visits yearly to carry-out a full eye examination and supply and fit new spectacles. If the client requires dental treatment we have a domiciliary dentist who will visit when requested.

Residents of Eventide have the right to privacy and dignity, whether they depend on others or not, and the right to a high quality of life. It is the resident's right to regard their room as their own home, and they have the facility to lock the door. They have a right to privacy in all matters, especially if they wish to be alone, or do not want others to intrude. Residents have the right to ask for help with dressing, washing or bathing, and assistance to retain or improve their physical health and well-being. Residents have the right to see their own personal records; which the Home is required by law to keep confidential, and in a secure place; subject to the conditions of the Access to Health Records Act 1990, and the Data Protection Act 1998.

Eventide has a GDPR Policy complying with legislation

Terms and Conditions for accommodation at Eventide are set out in our contract and may be viewed at any time.

Fees can be paid at a determined period agreed between the Company and the Resident. The same applies to the method of payment.

Eventide is set in a prime location overlooking the golf course and a short distance from the beach. It is a level walking area, and when weather permits service users are able to enjoy the short walk. Those who are not able to go out alone are assisted by staff. We have a small front garden where service users can sit and chat to each other or passers by.

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