Eventide Facilities

Visiting entertainers come around four times a year to put on a show for the residents.

Approximately every fortnight, guests are treated to a game of  bingo which they really enjoy. Families all come in as well and they love seeing the children.

Birthdays are always celebrated at Eventide.

Enjoying The Sunshine
During the summer our guests are encouraged out onto our front patio

We encourage residents to maintain their links with the community and try to enable them to attend local events, club meetings or church, if they wish. The Management Committee sometimes organise a trip to a flower show or a garden centre for a coffee. Here you see residents enjoying a real Cornish cream tea (jam first, then cream)

We also offer WiFi to our residents should they wish


Doctors:  Stratton Health Centre covers the home and most residents are registered with one of the doctors in the practice.
District Nurses: Visits can be requested by the home when required.
Optician: Vision Express make regular visits to the home.
Chiropodist: A Chiropodist visits regularly
Dentist: A dentist will make domiciliary visits when required. 
Drugs and Medications:
All drugs and medications prescribed for the residents will be held and administered by management and staff of the Home unless the client self-medicates. In this case all medication is kept in a locked drawer in their bedside cabinet.


Residents are encouraged, should they so wish, to attend any form of Sunday worship in relation to their religion.
A priest comes once a month to hold a communion service but a clients own priest is welcome to visit whenever they wish.

A hairdresser visits the home once a fortnight to enable the ladies (and of course the gentlemen) to look their best should they desire


Visitors are welcome at any time, and are automatically included for morning coffee and afternoon tea. 

Lunch and supper can be arranged at a reasonable price. You are very welcome to take your family member out for a drive, to visit your home or perhaps for some retail therapy.

In the interest of general safety visitors are asked to sign in and out.

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